16 Jul 2014

How to stir up the Swiss this August

If you're after genuine appreciation from the rather reserved Swiss folks, forget taking up yodelling classes this summer.

Instead fetch one of the fashionable Streetbelts with those iconic number plaques recycled from decommissioned fire hydrants. Yep, even these got numbered, logged and accounted for over here.

To stir up even more patriotic feelings, go for the Swissbelt which sports the famous Swiss cross. 

Just perfect for the 1st August, the Swiss' national holiday.

Their store in Berne's Rathausgasse and on-line shop with 1000 buckles will leave you spoilt for choice. 

Not convinced?
Then, maybe the twerk will just do the trick... Here's how to twerk.

31 Aug 2013

I'd Hose Manne...

At 8 AM precisely this morning, the Eidgenoessische Schwingfest finally got under its way. With exactly 50'013 fans in Burgdorf's beautiful arena and many more beyond...

While commercialisation endangers the event's yet unspoilt character, it is still a testimony of good old-fashioned values of respect and sportsmanship as well a 
celebration of Swiss traditions lived and cherished by this astounding littel nation. Would be great to see a Schlussgang with two Bernese Schwinger shaking hands in the Sagmehl. Ideally Kilian Wenger and Matthias Sempach...

More here www.burgdorf2013.ch or any self-respecting sports channel... 

3 Jul 2013

Let's have a ball...

Each year, the Mediterranean spills-out millions of those beach-infesting, brown furry sea grass balls. Looked upon as an ugly nuisance, it took a bored, mid-aged German kite-surfer to discover the Posidonia Oceanica's amazing insulation properties... 

Sea grass is 20 % more efficient that any other natural insulator. And its energy footprint is an impressive 30 times better. On top, there are no recycling cost. Simply mixed into your garden's soil should you ever decided to tear the house down in the future.

So here's some good news for those post-materialistic, Saab-driving, organic food shoppers towing with the idea to build an environmentally conscious home. 

Invest into a Neptutherm. It will cost you an arm and a leg, but just as well might let you sleep with better conscience. Oh, and it will save you a quid or two in the long run.

12 May 2013

Swiss Fears about Chocolate Heaven

Declared unfit for virtuous citizens by Zurich Council in 1722 over aphrodisiac fears, the Swiss luckily overcame their inhibitions only to emerge as a global leader in chocolate production. 

Today, some of the world's most refined chocolate originates from a small rural Swiss village. Maybe one of the smallest manufacturers, Max Felchlin AG aims to be the best amongst the best in terms of quality.

focus on traditional production, sustainability and on customer dedication for acclaimed chocolatiers like Idilio proves them right. 

Goethe-inspired Felchlin also believes that the spirit upon which they base their actions is the ultimate. A lofty, philosophical ambition we at Swiss Cherry only but support.

However, lacking wings, we're simply glad to put our hands on some of their exquisite Xocolatl and a red bull or two. To reach those lofty heights in time...

14 Apr 2013

Hay Fever - Done and Dusted

Fighting with hay-fever? The solid winter must have kept you smiling then... Luckily, with the hay-band you got what it takes to stare right into spring's face

Based on Traditonal Chinese Medicine (TCM), the hayband stimulates the LI-11 or QuiChi pressure point on your outer elbow. This brings natural relief from hay fever symptoms.

The site (http://www.hay-band.co.uk/isn't too inspiring, but the band does the trick. I've pointed quite a few friends towards this little gem and so far, it kept them smiling...

Now you're ready for the sunshine...

19 Feb 2013

Object of desire, grace and beauty...

Filled with hundreds of little heaters, our thermal insulators help keep out the cold that comes with sash windows or flush bi-folding doors. A little piece of art we think...

What's your fantasy then...
What object of desire, grace or beauty would you like to see in a sea of Swiss cherry stones? Your Louboutins, Rosario Dawson, Michelangelo's David...

Let's have fun! Surprise us with your creative suggestions and picture on moreabout@swisscherry.com and we might just well surprise you in turn.

9 Feb 2013

The All Natural Sash Windstopper

The Swiss solved ye olde sash window headache.
With nature's helping hand.

This thermal insulator is packed with hundreds of nature's amazing little heaters; the cherry stone.

Basically a little chunk of hardwood with a bubble of air trapped, the cherry stone has the unique ability to store, and gently release heat.

On top, it neatly fits into any surrounding what is perfect for the traditional sash window and the modern, flush bi-fold door.

A nifty, very efficient, thermal barrier against unwanted draft that saves energy, money and the chippie... 

If you don't want to wait till spring you better go online now ... www.swisscherry.com