19 Dec 2014

Our hot Neck Pad Just got a bit Sexier

Thanks Fit- und Gluten-Free for this great product endorsement. Luckily our neck pads look quite 'ripped' as well...

Click here to find out why Fit & Gluten-Free finds our heat neck pad that incredibly therapheutic and such an amazing product... http://goo.gl/QqjK36

14 Dec 2014

Fleur Deluxe - Decerned Floral Art With a Creative Twist

The creators of Berne's medival old-town must have been shopaholics. With its generous, sheltering archades, it is just made for shopping. Best of all in late December when winter give it that even more special, festive magic.

Always full of surprises I just discovered Fleur Deluxe. A witty floral arts & crafts shop for the more discered, personal taste. Almost walking past its store (Saturdays in front of Ciolina fashion store) I found the perfect Christmas reef to adorn the entrace of my pied-√†-terre in Berne.

Made patiently from hundreds of beech nut shells, each one carefully arranged for its size to perfectly snug the reef's curve, it is a creative yet very fitting celebration of the season and life itself. 

So if you're ever short of a more personal floral creation have a look at Fleur Deluxe - another gem from Switzerland. 

9 Dec 2014

Dreaming of a White Christmas? Save a Life instead!

With Regents street all lit up and winter wonderland crowding Hyde Park Corner, we shouldn't forget that not everybody is dreaming of a white Christmas.

Centrepoint Charity estimates 15'000 will be sleeping rough this Christmas. And with homeless kids twice as likely to die they need all the help they can get. Here's Lianne's story:
Click here for Video
That's a side to London we can't ignore, hence we support Centrepoint with every products sold in the UK. But that's not enough and you can help too. 

Simply text ROOM to 70755 if you're in the UK or go online to support their Christmas Appeal

Be a hero - Save a life this Christmas.

About Swarovski Trees, Swisscherry Treats and Your Favourite Christmas Market...

Savouring the magic of a few local Weihnachtm√§rkte these past weeks, I felt the seasonal spirit slowly enchanting that inner child. 
And as I was strolling past these lovely stalls all scarfed and gloved up and armed with a hefty mug of mullet wine, I wondered how lovely it would be to see a Swiss Cherry Christmas stall in the midst of all this. 
So, where would you want us to enchant you with our Christmas stall then? In Basel, Berne, Zurich's Bahnhof or tendy Greenwich Market? 
Not to compete with Germany's magical markets or to outshine fancy Swarovski trees, but to spoil you with loving Swiss Cherry care and a surprise or two...

So help us choose by leaving us your hint below, about that special Christmas Market of yours and we might quite well be there in 2015.